February 12, 2015

Get Your US Phone Number Today!

If you have been thinking about how you can get a US phone number but don’t know how you can get a reliable one for receiving calls, then this is your only opportunity to get it today. There are many other ways you can get US phone numbers but most of them will require you to purchase the SIM card, recharge it and also pay monthly fee for using it. But if you are interested, we will help you get a very reliable US phone number that has the follow advantages:

  • No SIM card needed. Just install an application on your phone and you are ready to receive your calls
  • No monthly fee needed. Once it is created for you, then it is yours as long as you keep it active
  • You don’t have to buy call credit or recharge cards to use it. It is free to use once it is created for you
  • It can be installed in Android , iOS and Windows8 phones
  • Very clear audio quality once your phone is connected to the internet
  • It is not expensive to set up. Once it is set up, it is yours to enjoy!

One good reason why this system is very good is because it not expensive to set up and it can be set up within 24hrs after your set up fee payment is confirmed. For more details about the set up cost and payment information, please email: services@goshensolution.com or use this Contact Form to reach us directly.