June 18, 2013

Get your Business Website for FREE

free websiteThis sound too good to be true, right? Don’t worry, before you finish reading this piece of information, you will find out for yourself.  Who is this offer really for? It is for both people who want to go into business but does not have a website for it yet and also for business owners who wants to redesign their already existing websites or design a completely new one. To own a website, there are four important factors to be considered:

  • Domain Name: That is the buying of a unique name for personal or you company business E.g. www.YourCompanyName.com. There are companies on the internet that you can buy this from.
  • Web Design: This is where you contact a web design professional or expert to design your website according to your requirements.
  • Hosting: For your website to be online on the internet, it needs to be hosted by a hosting company. This is like renting an office space to market your goods and services on the internet.
  • Maintenance: Finally, your website needs to be maintained/updated on regular basics to ensure proper functionality and the security of your website.

Since the cost of designing of a website is quite expensive than that of domain name and hosting cost, we have decided  to design your website for FREE. All you have to do is to take care of the monthly maintenance fee which is quite cheap (from N2,000 monthly depending on your website choice) when compared with what others are offering and also the quality of services that you will get from us.

Please, it will be very important also for you to know that this offer may not last forever. So the earlier you reserve your slot now, the better for you. To reserve yours now, send email with the subject: “FREE WEBSITE RESERVATION” to:   services@goshensolution.com   or Click here to contact us directly.






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